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Responsive Dog Training

Positive Response Dog Training is owned and operated by Dee Scott, a qualified National Behavioural Trainer with over 25 years of extensive experience in the dog world.

Our Training Styles

Dee and her staff are specialised trainers, working with a variety of issues using force free training. Force Free Training is NOT just about food! Operant conditioning as it’s known is a method of learning that occurs when an animal makes an association between a behaviour (Sit) and the reward (food, toys, pat). The reward helps to increase the animal's behaviour so that it earns as it learns. We work with food primarily because it’s the easiest source and show you how to fade out the food over a period of time so that your dogs are responding to hand and voice signals – first time – evey time.

Our Staff

Our staff undertake the complex national trainers course with Delta Society Australia. They are also mentored by Dee and undertake an in house training program prior to qualifying. This enables us to provide a high standard of service to the community with exceptionally qualified staff.

Our Classes

Group classes teach you how to control your dog in an everyday environment and are a great way to condition good manners with basic obedience. Your dog learns to listen and respond to you while in a class situation around other dogs and people. This is part of socialisation and is critical to helping your dog succeed

We offer a variety of Beginner courses as listed below: Click here to visit our locations and classes


Premium Puppy

(8 – 16 weeks of age)
Starting off on the right paw to success means that your puppy gets only the best education available. Puppies only need their 1st Vaccination to come to class and can start from 8 weeks of age

Premium Older Puppy

(4 -7 months of age)
We have designed this class specific to the needs of older puppies who have missed out on puppy school.

Canine College 1
(8 months +)
These classes will teach you how to control your dog in an everyday environment. They are a great way to condition good manners with basic obedience.
We have an extensive range of ongoing classes and all follow on to help further educate you and your pet.

Our locations

Cleveland   Thornlands

Click here to visit our locations http://www.positiveresponse.net.au/current-available-classes.html

Visit us at www.positiveresponse.net.au
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on 07 34592121 or 0424058450

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