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Dog FAQ's


Can I visit the kennels and have a look around before I decide?

Yes. You may drop by anytime during opening hours – no appointment necessary, but we do ask the following:

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Yes. Your dog needs a current C4 (which can be 3 yearly) and a Bordetella vaccination (yearly).

To make check-in flow smoothly we need to view these certificates. So, you can either email copies to us or simply bring them along when you drop off your pets – whichever is best for you.

Does my dog need to be wormed?

Yes. It is always best to worm your pet the week before they holiday with us. However, if that is not possible, then during your pet’s stay with us, if we see that they have worms, we will treat them for you. There is a nominal charge for this service.

Does my dog need flea and tick treatment?

Yes. SE QLD is a high tick area, so to combat this and ensure your pet’s safety all dogs have a compulsory check-in bath ($20.00). We know that most responsible dog owners use a regular flea and tick treatment, however to be doubly safe we use a natural FIDO bath wash specifically designed to kill ticks. You can be sure that ALL of our doggie guests are both flea and tick free.

We also offer Advantix for sale at the RRP.

What if my dog takes medications?

At Paws & Whiskers Boarding Kennels and Cattery we are happy to give your pet their usual medications. Please make sure that the medications are clearly labelled with your pet's name and the dose and frequency. There is no additional charge for this service.

What if my dog takes heart worm tablets?

We are happy to give your dog their monthly heartworm tablet if it is due while they are holidaying with us – there is no extra charge for this service. Please make sure you label the medication with your pet's name and the due date it needs to be given.

What will you feed my dog?

We use only the best quality food at Paws & Whiskers:

If your pet does not eat, we will endeavour to tempt them with an assortment of different foods.

What if my dog is on a special diet?

We are happy to provide your pet with any special dietary requirements.

Please chat to us and we will do our best to make your pets stay with us as comfortable as possible.

My dog is over weight – can you help?

Yes. We can give your pet a low calorie diet during their stay with us at Paws & Whiskers.

Can I bring my dog’s favourite toys along?

Yes. A couple of toys are fine, providing they are clearly marked with your pet's name and you tell us in the office when you book in.

We do have lots of toys and nice bedding for your pets to keep them warm and comfortable.

Can I bring my dog’s coat along?

Yes. You can bring along your pet’s coat for the colder weather but please make sure that your name is clearly labelled on the dog coat.

My dog is nervous and anxious – can you help?

Yes. All dogs that like cuddles and pats receive plenty at Paws & Whiskers.

What if my dog becomes ill while I am away?

If your pet becomes ill while at Paws & Whiskers we will do our best to contact your vet. However, if your vet is closed or your pet needs urgent attention we have 24/7 access to an on-call vet who will attend to your pet.

Please note that any vet bills are paid by the pet’s owner.

Will you bath my dog?

Yes! We must wash your dog on arrival to make sure that all our dogs stay free of ticks and fleas. There is an additional fee of $20.00 for this required service.

In addition, your dog will also be washed prior to check-out. For extended stays your dog will be washed on a weekly basis  – the only cost is for the initial check-in bath, all other washes are complimentary.

Do you offer dog grooming services?

No. We are happy to brush your dog if required. Heavily coated dogs may need extra time and there is an additional charge if brushing involves a lot of time. Our kennel staff will do their best but we do not have a Groomer on staff.  However, we can recommend local groomers.

What if I need to check in my dog outside of your working hours?

To comply with local government noise restrictions we are requested to strictly adhere to our opening hours.

Outside of our opening hours the kennels are nice and quiet, but if we have to open them for a late pick-up or early delivery all the dogs wake up to greet the new arrivals or say good-bye to those going home! We like to be neighbourly and keep all noise to a minimum!  We appreciate your understanding.

What if I unexpectedly need to leave my dog with you for a few more days?

If we are not fully booked we are more than happy to extend your pet’s holiday with us. Please contact us as soon as you possible to ensure that your extension runs smoothly.

What if I unexpectedly need to pick my dog up early?

 We are more than happy for you to pick your pet up early, during working hours

My dog is unsociable with other dogs – is that a problem?

No it is not a problem.

Between kennels there is a one meter wall topped by wire fencing so your dog cannot see the other dogs. Also, all our doggie guests share a kennel with another dog of similar size and temperament, but if your dog is unsociable they can be given a single kennelled area. During busy times, there may be an additional charge for a single kennel.

Your pet can also have 20 minutes one-on-one playtime with a staff member for $15.00 per family.

My dog loves to dig – is that a problem?

No. While your pet is in the grassed play area our staff are always in attendance. So if your dog likes to dig he or she will be quite safe.

There are also four security gates between your dog and the outside world!

Do you provide a pick-up and delivery service for my dog?

Yes.  We have an external service providing pick-up and delivery during Monday to Friday working hours. This service requires an additional fee.

Please call us at least 24 hours prior to needing this service so we can schedule you into the run.

Costs for this service depend on the distance between you and us so please contact us for a quote.

Will my dog have his own accommodation?

If you have 2 dogs staying with us then yes they will have their own kennel. Otherwise, your dog will have a share accommodation with another dog of similar size, age and temperament.

Do you provide walks for dogs?

Yes. If you request a 20 minute doggie playtime session ($15.00 per day) the staff member will either walk your dog or play with them in the grassed play area.

Will my pet be happy and comfortable at Paws & Whiskers?

 Yes ! If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs they can share with other dogs of the same size and temperament, and have warm blankets and toys in their kennels.

Do you have another question you'd like to ask us at Paws & Whiskers?  Please click HERE to send us your enquiry.