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Cat FAQ's


Can I visit the cattery and have a look around before I decide?

Yes. We would love to show you around and encourage people to come and take a look. During business hours, you don't need to make an appointment. During the busy holiday times, the staff are dedicating their time to caring for the pets, so kindly come visit well before the holidays.

Does my cat need to be vaccinated?

Yes. Your cat needs a current F3 vaccination.

To make check-in flow smoothly we need to view the vaccination certificate. Either email copies to us or simply bring them along when you drop off your pets – whichever is best for you.

Does my cat need to be wormed?

Yes. It is always best to worm your pet the week before they holiday with us. However, if that is not possible and during your pet's stay with us, if we see that they have worms, we will treat them for you. There is a charge for this service.

Does my cat need flea and tick treatment?

Yes. – Although we are not in a feline Tick area we do have feline boarders who come from some tick areas.

If we find any fleas on your cat we will apply treatment and the cost will be added to your account. As our cat units are all white it is very easy to see if a cat has fleas.

Will my cat be kept in a comfortable temperature?

Yes. We supply warm sleeping boxes with bedding and a cover wrapped over in winter. For summer, each wing of the cattery is separately air conditioned.

What if my cat takes medications?

At Paws & Whiskers Boarding Kennels and Cattery we are happy to give your cat their usual medications. Please make sure that the medications are clearly labelled with your pet's name and the dose and frequency. There is no additional charge for this service.

What will you feed my cat?

We use only the best quality food at Paws & Whiskers:

If your cat does not eat these foods, we carry a range of other brands to tempt their appetite.

What if my cat is on a special diet?

We are happy to provide your cat with any special dietary requirements.

Please chat to us and we will do our best to make your cat's stay with us as comfortable as possible.

My cat is over weight – can you help?

Yes. We can give your cat a low calorie diet during their stay with us at Paws & Whiskers.

Can I bring my pet's favourite belongings along?

Yes. A couple of toys are fine, providing they are clearly marked with your pet's name and you tell us in the office when you book in.

We do have lots of toys and nice bedding for your cats to keep them warm and comfortable.

Do you have scratch poles for my cat?

No. In the interest of hygiene we do not supply scratch poles – they are difficult to keep clean and we want to avoid any cross contamination between our special guests.

You are most welcome to bring along your scratch pole which will remain in your cat's unit.

My cat is nervous and anxious – can you help?

Yes. We normally try to give puss a quiet unit and give them time to settle. It doesn't take long before they usually settle and come out to get an ear scratch. However, if they prefer to be left alone, we don't push them as that would be stressful.

Will you groom my cat?

Yes. Providing Puss enjoys being brushed or combed! But once again, if Puss tells us NO – then we respect that.

What if my cat becomes ill while I am away?

If your cat becomes ill while at Paws & Whiskers we will do our best to contact your vet. However, if your vet is closed or your cat needs urgent attention we have 24/7 access to an on-call vet who will attend to your pet.

Please note that any vet bills are paid by the pet's owner.

What if I need to check in my cat outside of your working hours?

To comply with local government noise restrictions we are required to strictly adhere to our opening hours.

Outside of our opening hours the complex is nice and quiet, so if we open for a late pick-up or early delivery this can disturb the dogs who will then make a noise. We like to be neighbourly and keep all noise to a minimum. We apologise for any inconvenience.

What if I unexpectedly need to leave my cat with you for a few more days?

If we are not fully booked we are more than happy to extend your cat's holiday with us. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that your extension runs smoothly.

What if I unexpectedly need to pick my cat up early?

During working hours we are more than happy for you to pick your cat up early, but please let us know.

Do you provide a pick-up and delivery service for my cat?

Yes. We have an external service providing pick-up and delivery during Monday to Friday working hours. This service requires an additional fee.

Please call us at least 24 hours prior to needing this service so we can schedule you into the run.

Costs for this service depend on the distance between you and us so please contact us for a quote.

How much human contact will my cat have?

All cats are given cuddles and pats – if they want them. Every cat is treated as an individual so those who want cuddles will get them, those who want to chat will have an audience and those who tell us that we are just servants, who should know our place - we will respect that!

Will my cat mix with other cats?

No. Definitely not. We never mix cats from different houses and every unit is totally disinfected between occupants. All of the cat units have solid walls between them so your cat will not have close contact with the furry face next door.

How close is the kennels?

The cats can't see the dogs as the kennels are far enough away from the cattery - if you live in town, your neighbours house is closer!

Will my cat be happy and comfortable at Paws & Whiskers?

Yes! All our cats have separate air conditioned, comfortable units with a sunny window for afternoon naps and bed boxes with cosy blankets.

What sort of accommodation do you offer for my cat?

We have two levels of accommodation:

Our Deluxe Units are very large and airy with a sliding door opening out to a fully screened sunroom with furniture where the cats can make themselves comfy and watch the world go by – or the occasional bird wandering around. These are particularly suitable for a large family or group of cats.

Do you provide luxury accommodation for my cat?

Yes. At Paws & Whiskers we have special Deluxe Units that are larger than the standard units and have enclosed sunrooms and comfortable furniture.

Do I need a Cat Carrier?

Yes. All cats need to be confined in a carry case.

You are welcome to leave your carry case here, it will be tagged with your cats name and we will wash it so it is ready for when you come to collect your cat.

How safe is the Cattery?

It is completely safe for your cat. We have 3 doors between your cat and the outside landscaped gardens, and security screens with Crimsafe screening.

Can you exercise my cat?

Yes. We have a large grassed enclosure with netting on top which has a double gate so is completely secure. When puss goes outside to the enclosure for playtime, we always have a staff member supervising.


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